What do we do?

Our business focusses on researching and delivering new technological solutions.

Our core business deals with research and development for the creation of new products for the international market. In this sense, we specialize in the integration of electromechanical components and plastic polymers. We have our own advanced prototyping machinery allowing us to manufacture electronic circuits and plastic parts and ensure all new units live up to the highest quality and reliability standards. Our task is to develop innovative devices that meet specific needs in the medical, military and security sectors. All our products are patent – protected worldwide.

We are launching a new product aimed at increasing control and security in shooting ranges and training centers called Safe Shooting Range. It is a system with which the instructor has control over the firearms of users, avoiding risk situations and preventing accidents. We work on a daily basis to develop new products like this one, so as to improve security and tactical parameters in the use of firearms. All comply with the highest quality standards, being tested and approved by experts in our private shooting gallery. This is attested to by the fact that we have gained ISO 9001 quality accreditation from AENOR, the Spanish Association for Certification and Standardization.

We also offer our services and extensive experience to other companies all over the world. Thanks to multidisciplinary team, we are able to make tailored-made technological solutions including the research, engineering and design phases of projects in a wide range of fields.