Will AmmoControl Digital Counter or LED Advisor fit my 1911 pistol that has an ambidextrous safety?

Most 1911 with ambidextrous safety levers with need to remove the right side safety lever to properly fit this model. The safety is removeable from the right side and can be taken off leaving the left side lever intact.

Where can I mount my AR Display?

We suggest to mount the Display in the rifle handguard at a minimum distance of 3” and a maximum of 1 foot.

What type of batteries do Ammo Control use?

Ammo Control has two different types of batteries.  The pistol versions use the CR2016 / CR2032 / CR1632 battery.  The rifle versions use the CR2 battery in the display unit and the LS14250 in the base unit.

What is the battery life of AmmoControl?

The life of each battery varies on how much the device is used. Because there is no “on or off” switch, the device only works for 1 second at a time and then goes to low power mode.  The lifetime of a normal shooter would be from 5 to 7 years.

What happens if my battery die?

The batteries are replaceable on all Ammo Control unit.
The battery in the pistol units are located on the left side grip. simply slide out the old battery and slide in the new one.
The rifle unit has two batteries. One in the wireless display screen and one in the base unit. The display screen has a screw on back that exposes the battery. the base unit has 3 screws to remove the side panel and then two more screws to remove the cover over the battery.

What AR15 magazines AmmoControl Digital Counter for AR15 use?

AmmoControl Digital Display for AR15 use Aluminum Body USGI magazines, caliber .223 / 5.56 and Lancer L5A.
We have been tested the compatibility with the following brands: Lancer L5A, Brownells, Colt, Center Industries Corp., DH Tactical and Tapco.

Is AmmoControl Waterproof?

Ammo control units are not waterproof. They are water resistant to splash and slight rain but not submerged in water. Except our produt for Glock 17 Gen4.

How do I clean my AMMOCONTROL?

Along with You have to clean the screen with a small cloth. Along with the screen the magazine follower must also be cleaned every 1000 – 1500 shots. The magnet inside the follower may sometimes stick inside the magazine body due to access powder residue. By simply wiping off the follower will allow the AMMOCONTROL to function properly.

Do I have to modify my firearm?

Nothing needs to be altered to the firearm at all.  The magazine is the only feature that has a changeable part, the follower.