shotgun butt


This system consists of an electronic device embedded inside the stock of the shotgun, which does NOT modify the operation of the original firearm and does NOT interfere with its mechanisms.

  • Total shot counter

  • Partial counter (since reset)

  • Daily counter (from 00:00h)

  • Exact time and date of each shot

  • Records GPS position

  • Righ and left handed people

  • Maintenance alerts

  • Any butt stock among commercial offer

smart handguard


The device has three LED lights that indicate rounds in chamber and the number of shots. It has a query button with which the shooter can check the status of the magazine tube, the chamber and the number of shots.

  • Cartridge in chamber detection

  • Counts and records shots fired

  • Displays information on a screen

  • LED lights

smart handguard
security lock


In order to prevent recklessness and avoid possible accidents, RADETEC has developed a security system for hunting firearms that consists of a locking system integrated into the butt of the weapon.

  • Locking system integrated into the butt

  • PIN code

  • Only used by authorized person

  • Firearm can be securely stored

  • Locking mechanism will automatically activate after 5 minutes.

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